Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cascade complex (Cafesjian Center for the Arts) opening soon! My photo story

To me, the most exciting event of this fall is the long anticipated opening of the Cafesjian Center for the Arts, aka renovated Cascade complex. It took about 7 years for renovation, and as far as I know, the top of the complex is still under construction (see a photo from Dec. 2008 on the right), however the inside halls, and almost all the exterior has been completely constructed to welcome the public on November 8. With its current state, its already one of the world's most outstanding  contemporary art centers. It now houses a Visitor Center, Museum Store, Special Events Auditorium and over 1,100 square meters of exhibition space.

I have lots of memories connected with the Cascade and it's for sure, my very favorite spot in the city. I go there quite often with friends and mostly by myself. I usually spend there my Sunday afternoons, sit somewhere in the middle and with some nice music in my ears make plans for the week, enjoying the warmth of the sun. A photo from a typical Sunday on Cascade:

This year me and my friend spend some of our early mornings jogging to Cascade from our houses and then climbing it together. Here's a view of Ararat from an early spring morning on Cascade (taken with my cellphone camera):

The evenings are especially pleasant, however kinda crowded. One of my favorite photos taken by myself on March 2007:

...and by the way. This should not be missed!
The Cafesjian Center for the Arts Grand Opening Celebration will begin on the evening of Saturday, November 7th, with a spectacular fireworks display near the Cascade monument at 10:30pm.  On Sunday, November 8th, the Center invites the public to view all the renovations that have taken place inside the Cascade and to enjoy its outstanding schedule of exhibitions, lecturers, book-signings, and events. For this one day only, the Cafesjian Center for the Arts will be open to the public with no admission fee.
Grand opening highlights include the special Arshile Gorky collection, a re-dedication of the Khanjyan Triptych, an intimate conversation and photo exhibit by Beatles' former wives Cynthia Lennon and Pattie Boyd, the outstanding work of glass artists Dale Chihuly, Swarovski, and more!
For about 2 years the construction was put on hold for some reason (unknown to myself) and I was being heartbroken seeing the unfinished reconstruction of the complex and lack of interesting events at the base of Cascade that were usual before. About a month or two ago I noticed some changes... and firstly - the resumed renovation of the park leading to Cascade. Couple of weeks ago I took these photos, not being able to wait until the official opening and lose the autumn sun :)

20+ photos with annotations below!