Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Michel Legrand's concert in Yerevan. My review

Today I was lucky to be present at Michel Legrand's concert at Aram Khachaturyan hall in Yerevan. I went there spontaneously, without planning, as my friend called me only an hour before the concert, telling that she's got an extra ticket. I bless that very moment for the excitement and feelings I'm having now.

I have a long-time passion for the movie scores, old and new... from Henri Mancini to Hans Zimmer, Craig Armstrong and Clint Mansell ... and for this the concert was perfect me. One of those performances where you forget where you are, what the date it is, all the fears and insecurities... detaching from reality you silently wish there was somebody dear's shoulder to lean on while listening to the sounds... Well.. this music was able to dig into the most concealed and inmost layers of my heart and bring out some memories and feelings I was trying hard to hide. It brought out a lot of love and tenderness. I couldn't stop smiling. I wanted to hug everyone :)
I was occasionally thinking about some of my friends and my mother who I wished were there enjoying it as much as I was doing.

Michel Legrand. Photo by Vahan Stepanyan / PanARMENIAN Photo

There were really very very smooth transitions from fugue to light jazz and I loved the harp!
Some of the songs were performed by Christiane Legrand, Michel's sister. God, she had a powerful voice!

Here's the famous The windmills of your mind (Les Moulins De Mon Coeur)

and this one from The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (Les Parapluies de Cherbourg)

Everything about that concert was perfect. The hall was more than full, the audience was smart and conscious. When the concert was about to start, a perfect couple came and sat near me on the row.
The man was in his mid 40s or even 50s, so handsome and elegant, a bit of white hair, but still no signs of getting bald, no 30-week pregnant woman's belly (usual for successful Armenian men of his age). He was wearing a refined suit with a tie and you could read by his face that he's a successful businessman, excessively upright and life enjoying. His partner was a very attractive woman in a perfect shape (probably mid 30s, looking much younger, only the wrinkles on hands were giving away), wearing a strapless beautiful dress and a cute scarf of the same pattern as the dress tacked on an elegant purse. She had awesome peep toe heels on, sitting with straight back, hands on knees like in an illustration from an etiquette book. I couldn't take my eyes off of them. I wish I'd be like them when I get their age :)

I am full of love ♥

About Michel Legrand

Monday, September 14, 2009

about changes

The first change I'm going to write about is my blog's long awaited redesign. Yes I did it finally! Please welcome its new glamorous look and features.
Now I am showcasing more of blogs from my reading list. Those marked with "Arm:" indicate that they are based in Armenia and of Armenian origins but not necessary in Armenian. Also there are links to some popular blogs I'm regularly following and recommend you also.

I'd love to receive your comments and feedback concerning the redesign :)

Second thing is about the changes in my life.
There have been some significant changes around me this summer.
I found a new favorite hobby which is yoga. I'm going to write about it more detailed soon.
I'm not going to write a lot of personal updates, just it's worth mentioning that all of these led to the change of my outlook.
I lost some considerable weight... I didn't starve or diet, it happened unexpectedly, and I like it!  I also realized that I may have been extra-weight before :D (I wouldn't accept it ever !). Then I changed my hair style.
Some of you may have seen my new shape and haircut on Facebook.

by the way...
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tigran Hamasyan, pianist

I was preparing to write this post for a long time already. I dunno why I'm starting to procrastinate when trying to write a post... that's why you don't hear much from me recently. I hope to put all my pieces back together (havaqem indz) soon and return back to track.

Meet Tigran Hamasyan, famous Armenian-American jazz pianist

Photo by Vahan Stepanyan / PanARMENIAN Photo

He's one of my biggest discoveries of this summer. He was born in Gyumri, lives in US currently and is only 22 years old now. When you listen to his music you can imagine how great he will become one day. I was lucky to attend his concert in Yerevan.

The following 2 pieces are the most awesome ones imho:

Leaving Paris

and the Love Song