Sunday, August 31, 2008

death and all his friends

I like to go to different places and meet different people.. i like it that my day is usually unpredictable... i don't know where i will go in the evening, who will invite me and where :)
This helps me to be in very different situations and with different people... I'm having new emotions, learning new things and getting new experiences,...
Now i regret that i didn't go to the black sea coast with my mom on my vacation.. and also that i didn't go to Qyavar (where some of our relatives live) as my aunt was insisting... staying here i didn't learn many new things and didn't get that experience i could get there...

Today it was the "one year" (tari) of my grandma's death, we went to my uncle's and also to the cemetery "Karmir blur". I haven't seen her grave because when she died last year it was the day of my returning from Istanbul and i was still under the influence of the conference, feeling not so well here and also staying at home to help serving the table and meeting guests.
I like going to the cemetery :) yes, it's because i have a little bit not traditional attitude towards death and dead people, which i cannot describe now, but i like walking there, reading people's names, birth and death dates, watching pictures and statues some of which can be almost masterpieces.. statues of angels, crying women, different figures... i like it when you can guess the profession of the person by the gravestone. for example, near my Lena tati's grave there's a gravestone in the form of a television set. Hovhannes Adamyan (who has invented the principles of color television broadcasting) is having his eternal sleep under it.
some of them look just funny like the one i saw once. it was a guy wearing all black "traditional" armenian rabiz clothes standing next to his Niva car. i bet he died in his beloved car... yes i can be even sarcastic in this cases ... feel free to judge me :)
but something i saw today at "Karmir blur" was unbelieveably shocking.. it was the VIP cemetery... yes, in Armenia the cemeteries have special VIP sections like cafes and restaurants....... no comments.

what i learned today (24.08.08)

Today i was setting goals for September... here are some of them:
  • learn to drive a car :) it seems like i will own one by spring ;))))
  • take Portuguese classes ;)))
  • make a FILM!
As for the discoveries of the day.....
  • I found a nice way to spend a free lunchtime :-) i go to Yum, take my favorite donut (bavarian with chocolate or caramel ;) together with my favorite american coffee of Yum, and start an "autotraining" - i write down words with which i have positive emotions connected :) also i'm writing down things that make me happy :))))
  • Today i discovered that the new Yum on Tumanian street is great for meetings. downstairs there are lots of big tables and comfortable chairs, not to forget to mention the FREE wifi!!!! and not least importantly - the plugs near the tables :D
  • I understood that if not the most important one, but still, one of the MOST IMPORTANT things i got from AIESEC is the sincere belief that actually i CAN DO EVERYTHING :)))) yes, i can reach all the realistic goals i set ! :) i know it, i feel the power :):):)
  • The song of "Secret Garden - Nocturne" which also has its "dance" by the Republic square fountains, used to be a winner of Eurovision 1995 from Norway. Seemingly having japanese motives it turned to be Irish-Norwegian :D but it didn't stop me thinking of japanese houses, swords, dragons etc etc :D
  • I was watching the closing of the Olympics... wishing i could be there in London in 2012 or in Vancouver 2010

also, i want you to SMILE when you meet me :) i need your sincere smile! i will tell you why, later, though it has some other obvious reasons too :D

Now playing: Secret Garden - Nocturne

now let the day
just slip away
so the dark night
may watch over you

what i learned today (23.08.08)

  • I'm a huge fan of "Lifehouse"'s "Everything"
  • I wish i was there in Brazil right now participating in the AIESEC's international congress
  • I'm however proud to be an AIESECer
  • the song that i like from AIESEC motivational PPTs is called "Adiemus" by Adiemus
  • (yesterday) i learned a lot about mormons, about their beliefs, their missioners, the mormons book, people who left the sect, their recruitment tactics and their "father" Joseph Smith etc etc..
  • I can pay in Yum by my credit card :))
  • I'd prefer you to rather kill me than set limits on me.
    being bored without having anything to do at work, where you have to be at 10.00 sharp and leave not earlier than 19.00 ..
  • I missed my Bubu...

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