Sunday, January 20, 2013

My Top 15 Music Addictions of 2012

Some of the music here was discovered via friends, who shared it. I have quite a diverse taste and I hope my post will help you to find some of your new favorite songs too :)

15. Kishi Bashi - Manchester - lovely song.. and an artist worth checking out.

14. Passion Pit - Take a Walk - hipster music at its best :)) Watch the video and check out other songs of this band.

13. The Sundays - Goodbye - and oldie suddenly discovered by me. Great tune and very optimistic :)

12. Matt Cardle - Starlight - the song and video has to do with stars, so I love it. Nice tune.

11. Ellie Goulding - Figure 8 - Love Ellie since "Starry Eyed". Nice video with dubstep-ish catchy music.

10. Bag Raiders - Shooting Stars - Great song, especially the second part :) *Stars* at their best in this funky-house track.

9. Florence and the Machine - Spectrum - Florence never ceases to amaze me. The Spectrum was the best one this year. Exactly this one, not the Calvin Harris's mix played on MTVs.

8. Epic45 - Future is Blinding - "You say there must be more to life than this. How much more do you want?".. GREAT indeed.

7. Ben Rector - White Dress - Romantic song right in my mood. A really underestimated one.

6. Phoenix - Too Young - Great fan of Phoenix, but this song was played the most in my ears this year. LOVE.

5. Bombay Bicycle Club - Leave it - My great discovery of 2012.. Listen to "Shuffle", "Lights Out, Words Gone" too.. But "Leave it" caught me most.

4. Martin Solveig - Night Out - Cool video with a scooter, great song (also nicely remixed by Madeon). Been listening to this a lot in 2012...

3. Lana Del Rey - Ride - Lana -- my biggest music inspiration of the year & most listened artist. Been listening to her albums non-stop, discovering more and more great songs over several months. She's a style inspiration for me too. Couldn't select just one song from her. Here is my favorite top 3 songs of her.
Summertime Sadness
 National Anthem

2. Madeon - Finale (full version) -- I'm a big fan of this young French boy. This song is my ringtone for a few months now. Check out his "The City", "Pop Culture (Live Mashup)", "Icarus" too.

1. M83 - Midnight City - BIGGEST discovery of the year... My most played song, most favorite one for this moment. Check out also "Reunion".