Sunday, August 31, 2008

what i learned today (24.08.08)

Today i was setting goals for September... here are some of them:
  • learn to drive a car :) it seems like i will own one by spring ;))))
  • take Portuguese classes ;)))
  • make a FILM!
As for the discoveries of the day.....
  • I found a nice way to spend a free lunchtime :-) i go to Yum, take my favorite donut (bavarian with chocolate or caramel ;) together with my favorite american coffee of Yum, and start an "autotraining" - i write down words with which i have positive emotions connected :) also i'm writing down things that make me happy :))))
  • Today i discovered that the new Yum on Tumanian street is great for meetings. downstairs there are lots of big tables and comfortable chairs, not to forget to mention the FREE wifi!!!! and not least importantly - the plugs near the tables :D
  • I understood that if not the most important one, but still, one of the MOST IMPORTANT things i got from AIESEC is the sincere belief that actually i CAN DO EVERYTHING :)))) yes, i can reach all the realistic goals i set ! :) i know it, i feel the power :):):)
  • The song of "Secret Garden - Nocturne" which also has its "dance" by the Republic square fountains, used to be a winner of Eurovision 1995 from Norway. Seemingly having japanese motives it turned to be Irish-Norwegian :D but it didn't stop me thinking of japanese houses, swords, dragons etc etc :D
  • I was watching the closing of the Olympics... wishing i could be there in London in 2012 or in Vancouver 2010

also, i want you to SMILE when you meet me :) i need your sincere smile! i will tell you why, later, though it has some other obvious reasons too :D

Now playing: Secret Garden - Nocturne

now let the day
just slip away
so the dark night
may watch over you

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