Sunday, August 31, 2008

death and all his friends

I like to go to different places and meet different people.. i like it that my day is usually unpredictable... i don't know where i will go in the evening, who will invite me and where :)
This helps me to be in very different situations and with different people... I'm having new emotions, learning new things and getting new experiences,...
Now i regret that i didn't go to the black sea coast with my mom on my vacation.. and also that i didn't go to Qyavar (where some of our relatives live) as my aunt was insisting... staying here i didn't learn many new things and didn't get that experience i could get there...

Today it was the "one year" (tari) of my grandma's death, we went to my uncle's and also to the cemetery "Karmir blur". I haven't seen her grave because when she died last year it was the day of my returning from Istanbul and i was still under the influence of the conference, feeling not so well here and also staying at home to help serving the table and meeting guests.
I like going to the cemetery :) yes, it's because i have a little bit not traditional attitude towards death and dead people, which i cannot describe now, but i like walking there, reading people's names, birth and death dates, watching pictures and statues some of which can be almost masterpieces.. statues of angels, crying women, different figures... i like it when you can guess the profession of the person by the gravestone. for example, near my Lena tati's grave there's a gravestone in the form of a television set. Hovhannes Adamyan (who has invented the principles of color television broadcasting) is having his eternal sleep under it.
some of them look just funny like the one i saw once. it was a guy wearing all black "traditional" armenian rabiz clothes standing next to his Niva car. i bet he died in his beloved car... yes i can be even sarcastic in this cases ... feel free to judge me :)
but something i saw today at "Karmir blur" was unbelieveably shocking.. it was the VIP cemetery... yes, in Armenia the cemeteries have special VIP sections like cafes and restaurants....... no comments.

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