Monday, September 14, 2009

about changes

The first change I'm going to write about is my blog's long awaited redesign. Yes I did it finally! Please welcome its new glamorous look and features.
Now I am showcasing more of blogs from my reading list. Those marked with "Arm:" indicate that they are based in Armenia and of Armenian origins but not necessary in Armenian. Also there are links to some popular blogs I'm regularly following and recommend you also.

I'd love to receive your comments and feedback concerning the redesign :)

Second thing is about the changes in my life.
There have been some significant changes around me this summer.
I found a new favorite hobby which is yoga. I'm going to write about it more detailed soon.
I'm not going to write a lot of personal updates, just it's worth mentioning that all of these led to the change of my outlook.
I lost some considerable weight... I didn't starve or diet, it happened unexpectedly, and I like it!  I also realized that I may have been extra-weight before :D (I wouldn't accept it ever !). Then I changed my hair style.
Some of you may have seen my new shape and haircut on Facebook.

by the way...
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Rangarajan said...

Very good Arpik..One of the best blogspots I visited. In particular, I must thank you for Armenia music and Tigran Hamasyan's Piano. I heard some of BabaJanian's(Hope I spelt his name right..If not, excuse me and correct me please!)music which were very good. Immaculate blogspot.. Kudos!

thiternik said...

Is there a good place for jogging in Yerevan? that's good!
congrats with all your changes - I should say they are all great! keep on going and changing :)

aquamarine said...

Arp redesign is nice..but the black transparent background is loading slowly.
Cool haircut.
Hope to see you soon.

Gevorg Hakobyan said...

Nice design! Did you do it manually ? :)