Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tigran Hamasyan, pianist

I was preparing to write this post for a long time already. I dunno why I'm starting to procrastinate when trying to write a post... that's why you don't hear much from me recently. I hope to put all my pieces back together (havaqem indz) soon and return back to track.

Meet Tigran Hamasyan, famous Armenian-American jazz pianist

Photo by Vahan Stepanyan / PanARMENIAN Photo

He's one of my biggest discoveries of this summer. He was born in Gyumri, lives in US currently and is only 22 years old now. When you listen to his music you can imagine how great he will become one day. I was lucky to attend his concert in Yerevan.

The following 2 pieces are the most awesome ones imho:

Leaving Paris

and the Love Song



Mira said...

Hi! I've never heard of him, shame on me...
Wonderful design of a blog!!! How did you make it???
I'm thinking about 101 things to do in Yerevan, I just want to write SOME things.

Unknown said...

thanks Mira jan!

There are many custom templates for blogger and it's not so difficult to install them. I can help you with that if you want :)

About the 101 things, I'm waiting for your ideas!