Friday, February 6, 2009

spring is near... daydreaming :)

Only a week ago it was snowing.

But the recent couple of days were unexpectedly warm and pleasant. The ice has almost melt. At least in the downtown Yerevan. The pathways are dry and the Sun has started to look out from the clouds more often and bring warmth. My 25th spring seems to be one of the most anticipated ones. The spring is wonderful in Armenia.
Last year I missed its coming. I was in the Netherlands since January when it was really very cold and got back in April (it snowed and was unexpectedly cold in Netherlands). I cannot describe my feelings then :) The endorphins quantity in my blood was way increased and I was enjoying every step, every second and every breath for some months of my home coming. I noticed that in spring I'm having a huge productivity boost, loads of ideas and I'm becoming very energetic.

Now I'm daydreaming about March and April. Seems like I've planned 70% of my weekends in advance already! Some shopping (connected to my next salary), some changes in my appearance ;) some small events like organizing traditional pizza parties chez moi :) and other...
Revealing one of the weekend plans:
March 15, cascades, red sneakers, orange coat, spring breeze, xpress music, midday, yum filter coffee, Sun.

Today it rained for the first time this year, and it truly smelled like spring. I strolled a bit in the streets under the rain and on my way home a teenage boy approached me and gave flowers. My first spring flowers this year :)

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