Thursday, June 25, 2009

about my job and PanARMENIAN Photo :)

I am now here to tell you about the project I am currently working on :)

As some of you may know, I work at the company that has established the first Armenian online information agency - PanARMENIAN.Net. The company itself is called PanARMENIAN Media and includes several other divisions such as our newly established PanARMENIAN Photo agency.

You may also know that I am currently the head of PR and Marketing of the company.

So a little advertisement may go here below.. :)))

Since my job takes a lot of time (and it's supposed to be so :))) i'm having no time and energy to write for my dearest blog, but since I'm currently setting up a blogging schedule for myself, I hope to fix this gap!

The recent months we were working hard on the establishment of the Photo agency, obtaining the latest photo reporting equipment, setting up the agency's work flow and trying to position ourselves in the market.
So it's a news and event photography agency and our photographers are attending almost every event taking place in the country. We are also working towards realization of photo projects.

By the way, our photographers are more than photo reporters and you may notice some humor and creativity in the photographs, not so common in traditional photojournalism.

The highlights of the day in photos can be found in our Flickr photostream and Livejournal community

Today we finally launched PanARMENIAN Photo website that contains images from the recent events in the country and also an extensive photobank.

ok, enough :) less text, more photos :) enjoy the links.

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