Saturday, October 24, 2009

My latest obsession.. Parisian macarons!

Long awaited post from me about... macarons! No it's not sort of a pasta and not even Italian :) It's actually a French and, particularly, a Parisian PASTRY! no, more precisely it's a small heavenly thing that you can put in your mouth :-D

Macarons are a very colorful french pastry that are usually made of egg whites, almond powder, icing sugar and sugar. They are sandwich-like, made with two thin cookies and a cream or jam or mousseline between the cookies and can contain also various nuts.

Note that each color has its own flavor ! and although they may seem small, but personally I think that having just one macaron at once, with a coffee, tea or hot chocolate is perfect.

Macarons are widely used as wedding favors!

They have also been featured in the movie Marie Antoinette:

Interesting article on maracons on SerousEats.

A video on how the macarons are made:

I'm delighted to inform you that you can taste macarons even in Yerevan!!! They can be tasted in the "Café La Bohème" and "Charles" restaurant near Cascade, costing 350 AMD for one there (I've heard that also Café de Paris has macarons, though haven't tried them there yet). They give it also for takeaway in such cute boxes:

Thanks to Davit Hakobyan for the images of "my" macarons :))


thiternik said...

inch sirun eeeen :)

The Blackmer Family said...

Thanks for the info -- and great pictures! I also live in Yerevan and am wondering...does Cafe la Boheme serve entrees or sweets only? I can't seem to find their web site.

Unknown said...

hey, thanks for your comment :) In the cafe La Boheme there are salads, hot dishes, sandwiches, full course :) i didn't find their website either...
BTW, the prices there are quite affordable :)