Friday, January 14, 2011

My 2-day road trip. the interesting Artsakh (part 2)

You may read the first post about the trip here, and the beginning of the post about Artsakh here.

Here I will show the images from Vank village and nearby locations. I was really very surprised to see things like that in Artsakh and my friends too, when they saw the photos, were amazed by the creativity of those architects and designers out there.

So, after visiting the wonderful Gandzasar Monastery we went down the hill and continued by the road further. There was this very original rest house named "Sea Stone" that... well, better watch it yourself.
the rest house, general view
these interesting creations are the first to impress
"single" view
view from the back 
a totally wrong posing with this statue
the peeing mermen
closer look to the mermen (male mermaids)
look at his face expression
details of the exterior.. nose, brains, eyes, mouth...
more details..
this guy's expression is.. well, the mermen are peeing on his head
a lion carved in a hill!
the sign reads "Caution! Angry lion. Don't tease!"

a unique piece of art :)
guess what's this? restroom! named "Очко"
Restroom entrance
Here are some images from the amazing Vank village.
Restaurant "Eclectica"
License plates of the enemy's cars from the war time
I always dreamed of having my photo taken here
a kindergarden

a statue in front of the kindergarden.. no comments
It's difficult to show in photos everything that has to be seen there. Pick a chance and just GO!

In the end, photos of the St. Ghazanchetsots Cathedral in Shushi.

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