Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Thank you, 2011

The January is almost over and I've finally got to finalize the post about my 2011.

Here are the top events that made my year so awesome.
  1. Was a trainer on Personal branding and online reputation management, on effective use of social networks and twitter in particular, did a session for a training of trainers.
  2. Tuned my public speaking skills with several presentations at various events.
  3. Visited some interesting locations in Armenia and met some great people.
  4. Became part of the geeks community with some very cool people :)
  5. Helped with organization of some interesting and geeky events like Foursquare Day, BarCamp EVN 2011, TEDxYerevan 2011.
  6. Did a presentation on "How to date a geek girl" at BarCamp Yerevan 2011, which later became viral on the web, and Slideshare's presentation of the day, of the week :)
  7. Was a speaker at TEDxYerevan 2011, a huge milestone reached. Met some wonderful people thanks to the event. (Side effect: made my shoe collection famous :D)
  8. Had a ride on a helicopter and applied for a parachute jumping (pending).
  9. Was on TV live several times... as an expert on ebooks (haha), email communication (interesting), blogger (when did i last update my blog? :D) and stuff like that)))
  10. Was a maid of honor for the first time in life and enjoyed my title a lot :)))) 
  11. Applied for a license and became an official TEDx organizer and organized my first TEDx (out of 4 to be organized within a year) end of November.
  12. Attended a live show of one of my favorite bands - COLDPLAY!
  13. Went to Eurotrip - 5 countries and 8 cities in just 12 days. Saw the Paris, climbed the Eiffel, crossed the whole Germany from West to East on a car, and all of this - with my best friend :)
  14. On my 4th visit to Amsterdam, I finally tried a space-cake....my advice: whatever it is... be sure you have someone to take you home afterwards :)
  15. Reconnected with a special friend, who later became an even more special one to me :)

Watch my 2011 in photos that matter :) 180 photos that showcase moments that mattered during my 2011. The music is: Coldplay - We Found Love.


aquamarine said...

The slideshow is really cool!! Apres!

Lia said...

I have to say I got a little bit emotional watching the slides~ :)) may the 2012 be even more incredible than 2011, Arp :))))

Tata said...

Arpik is super :*