Tuesday, January 6, 2009

new year, new life :)

I haven't published anything here for a while!

I just had to take my time and think about the recent major changes happened to me.
2 days before the new year, my life has completely changed. The change was unexpected, moreover, it was very unpleasant and not in time at all!
So I had to recover and analyze for myself.

There was something that was occupying most of my time, my thoughts and it was all that my expectations, hopes and my growth were connected with. My friends, my leisure, my plans were connected with it too. I quit my all other assignments to concentrate myself to that one thing that I set as a priority. It was my current job and i lost it.

Actually, I have been fired, .mm .. no, how could they fire me, if i quit myself before :D

I was in the company since its creation and even before (I worked on one of the projects that this current company inherited from my previous company on the base of which my current company was created). I was the oldest employee, and was involved in everything, and was helping also other departments. But I was also a competitor :)
The thing is that since December, the management staff has changed, including my department's director. The new guy came and treated us as we were doing nothing and getting blown salaries, didn't do anything right, didn't have any discipline etc... (a common case i guess).
Then he started to get rid of people he thought he won't need. And so my turn has come.

Dec. 29 was a very bad day for me. I was destroyed and deserted not from the fact that the company didn't need me anymore, but from the way they presented it to me. Completely inacceptable and incorrect. 
They just welcomed me saying that they have to say good-bye to me since I haven't done anything for my job, moreover, they don't see any willing to work from my side and I don't bring any profit to the company.
They started to press me, blaming for things that i was hearing for the first time, that were so unfair and unreasonable... so cruel and shocking, i couldn't believe my ears.
They made me a "generous" offer to stay either as an assistant to my boss (write texts etc... it was funny since i have never been an "assistant" in my life and my first ever serious job was a "Web developer/programmer") and i should get half of my current salary, or the next choice was - staying on my current position, doing the same job + bringing projects and clients to my company (that turned out to be a main responsibility of "projects manager", funny huh) and get that same half. They told me that expected me to happily accept it since it's such a nice offer!
They told me that sometimes it's good to start from the beginning. It could be true, but not in this case and not with my experience and skills.
There's one person guilty for it and it's not me :) Taking out all the uncensored expressions that are associated with him in my mind (so far he beat everybody else and occupied the first line in my worst-top list), I'll just say he isn't worth being mentioned in my positive blog :)

I know i'll find my way. I'm so much open to everything. I'm free and i can do whatever I want. I can go abroad for a job or an internship or study... I don't have hungry kids awaiting me at home and i have no obligation. I can erase and start from the beginning. I can take a course, do more of my hobbies.. learn finally the Portuguese which classes' schedule were not compatible with my previous job. I'll finally take the driving classes and get my license.

And so, i'm open to job offers :D

My ex-colleagues - Mariam, Masha, Ruzanna and me. at the corporate new year party.

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thiternik said...

I always thought you can analyze the situation in right way. Keep going - you will reach stars. Just be positive - as you are! And everything will be ok! Every change is a plus - so you can do whatever you want and become more flexible!