Saturday, March 20, 2010

Why it does (not) suck being sick

It Sucks
  • You feel weak, bad, and wish you could take a magic pill and recover asap
  • You have to miss some really important work back in the office
  • Everybody's asking why it happened? did you catch cold? do you drink tea? etc...
  • Your parents/siblings annoy you with lectures on how to take care of yourself
  • Sometimes you are so bad, you can't even hold the netbook to watch/read anything :(
  • Most of the time you are forbidden to hold your netbook and do smth, cause you're sick and computer's making you even more sick! (c) parents
  • If you hate taking meds, this is when you can't really resist them, since sometimes they may be your ultimate chance to get better. so you have to stuff your body with unknown chemicals with no proven result
  • If you are used to taking meds, you know that you may experience the full gradient of their side-effects at the meantime financing the evil pharmaceutical companies
  • You need to keep distance while greeting/kissing people or avoid them at all
  • While some people enjoy it, others hate lying in bed doing nothing at all! including me. 

It Doesn't Suck
  • You are getting some more attention and care from others, it feels good.
  • While in fever, you have the chance to watch some surreal dreams of yours. Like last night, i met Lady Gaga in my neighborhood... don't laugh! i may even open a separate blog for describing my dreams in fever. They are something :)))
  • You have enough time to read some unfinished books, watch movies that you have downloaded for a while, write blog posts, like this :)
  • You can stay in bed as much as you want :) everybody will be convincing you to recover "fully" before going out.
  • If you are in a temporary state of being tired of everything, this is a good chance to have a rest and think about future )
  • Friends may visit you and bring fruits and natural juice :) feels good to be loved and needed.
  • You have plenty of time to think and develop new ideas, write down thoughts and answer to starred emails. 
  • You have the time (and can't skip) watching television and get to know all the actual trends on national television, finally find out what was that show everybody was talking about recently.
  • You can lie in your bed and listen to your favorite music for hours.
  • If you have a pet, you get some quality time with him.
  • If you're not on antibiotics, you may find comfort and relax in alcohol :) will be good for the throat too, btw :)
You're welcome to add more points to either of these statements.

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Mira said...

Wish you to recover quickly!!!
It's Sunday tomorrow and you can have a rest, not thinking that your work hasn't been done.
Be quiet!!