Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yerevan Street View? Already there!

While some hundreds of us are keeping up with the latest tech news, some of us light candles.. others desperately try to find a good contact in Google (Maps) to finally get it done... turns out some folks have already implemented it quietly.. without much any publicity ! Yerevan Street View is a reality!!!

Very accidentally I stumbled upon it on Yerevan Municipality website and couldn't believe my eyes. An interactive map of Yerevan, showing the bus and marshrutka routes... it even does have a Street View!!!! all the underlined streets are available for viewing in 360° angle. But it's not the full story yet.
It's possible to rotate and go forward thru the streets using the arrow, however it's not very smooth like in Google Maps. It even has a directory (with search) of businesses, addresses and places! 
Seems to me very useful.. if not only that 'nostalgia' for 90's in the design... :/

There might be many other useful features that have to be discovered. Check it out yourselves!

It's far from being perfect (the usage flash is often irritating here), images quality is overall satisfactory and we can note that a huge work has been done. Here in this snapshot we can see the shadow of a car with the camera on top.
here! our office building and the lunch place of some of our photographers :P
From the images I've seen, i concluded that most of the shooting has been done in autumn 2009, and some of it during the Erebuni-Yerevan day celebration in October.

It wasn't hard to find out the authors of the project - it's menq.am aka Aviainfotel systems, the one that has created the airport flight information website.

Wouldn't it be more reasonable if they partnered with Google on this? Seems like they didn't lack resources (including administrative) and could easily organize it. And why almost no one knew about this yet?

In addition, on their website I discovered the multilingual dictionary project. If not the flash, it would be priceless.


The Blackmer Family said...


This is so awesome, thanks for sharing. I will link to it in my blog!

We should meet up sometime, you know. Except for July 19-26, I'm here in Yerevan all summer.

Unknown said...

Hey! thanks for your comment and linking :)

Definitely let's meet up! you can add me on FB so we can arrange a meeting :)

thiternik said...

inchpes misht es amen inch imanum em qeznic :)

Anonymous said...

Barev Arpine jan, I just found this post on google, and I was so excited to try this, cause I've been looking for a Yerevan street view for such a long time.. Cause well.. I don't live in Armenia, and sometimes I just really miss my birthplace you know that's why I just wanna see everything just by the internet.. The thing I just opened the link, but it doesn't work.. Well, it works, but there isn't a streetview? That doll button on the right side does not work.. it's grey and when I click on it, it does not really do anything.. Am I the only one with this problem? I hope you'll answer.

Unknown said...

Barev armenianpearl,

seems like they have completely changed the system. I made this post more than 2 years ago and as you can see from the screenshots in my post - there used to be a streetview, and not it's gone :(
They have probably moved the streetview to another link. I promise to post it here, when I find it.

Cheers, Arpik