Sunday, November 7, 2010

Encounter with the Tyrrhenian Sea

This is not yet THE post about my recent holiday in Italy. I still have some information, lessons, experiences, feelings to digest before I can write about it.

Being travel-sick is one of most serious obstacles for enjoying my current life. I need a travel -- a change of scene, new emotions, experiences at least once a year. Before, I always thought that I can't ever save enough money for a trip and it's so much hassle to get the visa so it's not worth it. Now, i realized that i am able to give a break to my shopaholic self and overcome the bureaucracy just taking a deep breath and doing it all step-by-step. This trip had not only realized my dream, it also gave me wings. It's realistic! I can do it and my will is the only thing that's needed.

This post is a post about gratitude. One the plane back home I've been writing a special note, naming all the people, events, circumstances, every and every thing that has been supporting me in this journey (not just those 8 days).

So this is dedicated to you. I've had an amazing time thanks to you my dear friends!

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