Thursday, November 11, 2010

on friendship and coins (spiced with some Italian memories)

When I first found myself in Rome, it was August 15, 2006. I was standing at the Termini train station with a feeling that I can't describe. My first trip to Rome was incredible, just unforgettable. Not only because I loved everything about that city and country. It was actually the first place, where I was all alone, all by myself. I've traveled to different countries before, but I've always been with someone, or someone was waiting me somewhere there.
I found myself in Rome, with no clear idea what i want/can do there, having just 3,5 days until my departure to Yerevan. I had a place to stay and there was someone I knew from internet that I could meet. Yet, I was all by myself.
during my first trip to Italy. August 2006
It was then and there I discovered that I'm not the panicking type, and moreover, I can orientate myself quite well in new, unknown places. I can find my direction and never give up when lost. I felt that I could take care of myself and it was a strange feeling. I had thoughts like.. i could get lost somewhere and no one could be able to find me, and some gruesome stuff...
There I discovered that I'm fine with myself. I can trust me-myself and be okay in my own company, just walking, seeing things, enjoying my time.

But Rome was very hospitable. When started walking in the streets, I instantly felt like home. I got a map in the nearest "i" point, and started walking towards the "Colosseo".. It must be that I was too focused exploring the map, that I didn't notice how i came SO CLOSE to it. So when I raised my head, it was right THERE in all its grandeur. I was in my own movie. Or dream.. whatever.

My next landmark stop was the Trevi Fountain. Since months I've been keeping a small 100 dram coin for throwing into it. It was long before I had even thought that I'd come so close to it...
throwing of this coin was sponsored by Haykush :)
ciao amica! (pic from 2010)
It was very crowded (it wasn't so on the photos of it i've seen before) and everybody was taking pictures while throwing the coins. I don't want to go into much details here and will just say that i had couple of lacrime on my cheeks. Both for happiness and sadness. There was no one to take picture of my amazed face. No one to share the moment with. No one who could understand the reason why i want to cry.
There i started to write a text message to the first person I thought of. It was my friend Bagrat - another big fan of Italy (even more experienced than me!). He had never been there...
"Kyanqum chei mtaci vor Hromum arajin angam menak khaytnvem.. u aranc fotoaparati.. Trevii mot em, 100 dramanocn em gcum.. Hesa klacem.. "  /16.08.06/ 
Translation: I would have never thought that I'd come to Rome for the first time in my life all alone and without a photo camera. I'm at Trevi, throwing the 100 dram coin. I'm about to cry. (August 16, 2006)

Exactly 4 years and 2 months and 5 days later I'm again at Trevi. Not alone. Moreover, with one of my best friends - Bagrat. Eating the best gelato I've ever had in my life.
It couldn't be any better.
Bagi and me
And here, I guess, I want to use my time travel machine to go back to the August 16, 2006 and tell that girl who's standing in tears, that she's not alone. I want to pass her what I know now and I'm sure she'll feel it. She DID feel it. Yes, I know for sure ;)

P.S. Bagrat, ti voglio bene!


Mari Mansourian said...

Hi Arpine, so glad I found your blog, thanks to Ani for doing a post on you :))
I enjoyed reading about your trip brought tears to my eyes and reminded me of my fist "alone" trip. I was 20 and found myself in
Greece for 5 weeks.... the best time in my life, although just like you I too felt alone at times. I will come back and do some reading here, I like your corner here in the blogosphere :))

Unknown said...

Dear Mari! Thanks for leaving a comment. Where did you see a post about me?

Nice to meet you!

Mari Mansourian said...

Hi Arpik jan, this girl name Ani I met on Facebook has a blog and she had posted some of your photos there. And that's how I found you, she always gives credit to the people who have taken the photos, but to be honest I don't know how she finds us all. She had posted some of my stuff too, I think she is basedout of Armenia. Anyways here's the link to her site :)