Thursday, April 9, 2009

I want to hug my parents everytime I see these photos :)

I had this idea for a long time now. I want to scan all the photo albums we have and make digital also the family videos we have in VHS cassettes (we don't have a VHS video player for some years now heh).

I started from the red album called "Наш Малыш" ("Our Baby" in Russian). My mother made it after my birth :) with all the photos, descriptions and interesting facts about the first months of my life. I was reading in tears :)
"October 3, 07:15 she was born"
This is probably the first photo of mine ever.

There were photos taken by my dad's camera.. BW photos with a lot of dust and scratches (i love them!)..
 Photos taken in photo atelier's, they were already in color :)
it's not me but my sister on one of the photos, guess which one? :)
Classic atelier photos (colors are auto-corrected)

...I saw the photo of me walking for the first time of my life.
my first steps
i liked to fly since i was a baby :)

I found notes by my granny describing the phrases and poems I have learned at the age of a little more than 12 months.In the album she has described each of the first 24 months of my life. When i started to smile, sleep normally, walk, speak, etc... I got to know that at first, my eyes were dark gray.
Never thought that I'd learn so many details of that days ! :D I love my mom for doing that !!!
So that's where my love for writing and immortalizing important moments comes from :D She was younger than I am now when she had me :)
I found out that i've been indeed a cute baby :-)))

Enjoy some of my favorite photos :)
here you see where i inherited my current nose from (well almost :D)
I love this one.. i wonder where is it.
in a costume :)))
at the republic square
on a beach.. no idea where.. probably Sevan?
on a swing. see how young my parents are :)

By the way, my sister (born 3 years after me) doesn't have this kind of a book and this much baby photos... partly because they had enough fun with me (maybe :D), partly because of the economic crisis/war situation of that years.

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