Monday, April 13, 2009

My Corner of Gratitude and Memories: My Treasury

I have organized a corner in my room, which my mother and sister call "place for gathering dust that can't be easily swept". But for me it's a very important place where I keep my memories: small souvenirs, candles, statuettes, gifts from different people.

I can smell the combined nice flavor of different scents whenever I'm around it and sit to work at my desk (it's on the left side, inside the bookshelf). With this post i want to present my most favorite items.

The items are of the following categories:
  1. scented candles of different forms that i didn't resist not to buy, since I'm a candle maniac :D
  2. souvenirs of my friends from the places they have traveled and from friends abroad.
  3. small pieces of something that remind me of a memorable day or event.
I'd like to mention a notable contributor to my collection - my lovely cousin Gohar, who's lucky to travel a lot for her job. She always brings me nice things :)

Here's are some of the items and the story behind them:

this colorful candle is a gift from Italy from my friend Masha

this original candle was a new year gift from my cousin Gohar

this strange pieces were actually part of Berlin wall - gift from my friend Arsen

this 50ml bottle of Armenian cognac "Noy" with a lable "Анти-кризисант" (anti-crisisant) is new year gift from my former workplace EPEBAH magazine

This cute cat is a native of St. Petersburg - a souvenir from my friend Garik who currently lives there

This egg of clay, with ancient Armenian carvings is made and given for my birthday by my friend and colleague Abo

this happy hen is а gift to myself for Easter from Rotterdam where i met the holiday last year

this compass is gift from my friend Marko Petrovic from Serbia - the one that helped him to get overland from Serbia to Armenia and not to get lost on the border of Turkey and Georgia

this native American dream catcher is a gift from my friend Jared from New York

this painted egg-shaped jewelry box is a souvenir from St. Petersburg from my friend Ani

this Eiffel tower model is brought by my mom, you can guess from where :)

this flower vase is brought by my sister Evelina from Barcelona

this green apple is actually a candle - i bought it since i love green apples, and it smells like an apple!

this ceramic green apple contains an apple-scented candle and is a gift for my birthday by Emma

some nice purple scents - birthday gift by my friend Tata

this ceramic (i think it's kind of a hat) is a souvenir from Georgia from my friend Gohar

the typical dutch-style painted small box I bought from Amsterdam, and the heart is from Venice glass and I bought it as a souvenir from Casa di Giulietta in Verona

this cute hedgehog carrying a ladybird is a magnet - gift by my friend Haykush from Moscow

this hello kitty branded box of candies is a gift from Luska from US

 this origami bird is from my Japanese friend Kanako

 orange and cinnamon candle set - bought by me in Padova, Italy.
A reminder of a very nice shop called "Sapo"

this nice candle set was a gift for new year by my friend Ani

this small wooden dachshund is one of my favorites - gift from my younger cousin Karen, he made it at a school handicraft class

this Japanese girl is a souvenir from Japan by my cousin Gohar

this keyring is a souvenir from Chicago from my friend Gohar

this typical dutch souvenir was brought by myself from my second trip to Amsterdam in 2004

these small animals are of Venice glass and i bought them from Murano island

this rabbit is a gift by my sister Gohar from Japan (if I'm not mistaken)

this Nefertiti is a souvenir from my friend Ani from Egypt

this picture "frame" is very old and a gift from my father's friend. That's me and my sis on the pic :)

this golden thingy that can be used both as a bookmark or a pendant - gift from Tokyo by Gohar

perfume oil in a bottle from Egypt brought by my friend Ani

this piggy bank I brought from Netherlands

thingy for lighting incenses - gift by my cousin Gohar from Dubai

this sea-shell jewelry box is a souvenir from Sochi from my friend Ani

this pieces of rocks are taken from Armenian regions, during a trip i'd like to remember

this traditional sweet is a gift from my Croatian friend Iva

this tea box filled by my favorite Sencha Royal tea is a gift from my friend Avet

small souvenir bottle of tequila - gift from my friend Maricruz from Mexico, with whom we spend many nice days in Italian student camp

Using the opportunity I'd like to say hello to all my friends that found their gifts here and to those who will find :))

I love you all, wherever you are!


Ani said...

I don't see anything from Canada. We need to change that. The next time I come to Armenia I will have to bring you some maple syrup. lol

Unknown said...

okay Ani ;)

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

I have that same girl and boy from Amsterdam! I love your collection :)

Irina D. said...

what a sweet corner! it's a great idea - my souvenirs and candles are scattered on practically all surfaces of the apartment.

and oh i can so relate to your love towards candles. though i prefer geometrical shapes - when the candle is shaped like a flower or a butterfly or something else i just can't set it on fire and destroy it!