Saturday, January 2, 2010

January 1, 2010 in Yerevan

I love the first days of January in Yerevan. Especially mornings and afternoons. Most people are still asleep or at home, receiving guests, others prepare to visit relatives and friends. The streets are quite empty, traffic on the streets is minimal, the stores and cafes are closed and it's quiet even in the downtown. I like to take a long walk in the downtown to catch this mood.
In the evening the Republic Square is probably the most crowded spot in the city, it's being transformed into an amusement park. People bring their kids to play with the clowns, Santas and many kinds of attractions.

The first photo is not manipulated with Photoshop, it's just my camera that was trying to adjust to the cold (i guess:) and the white balance is incorrect. I forgot to mention the strange stripes :) (time to buy a new camera heh..) I could consider the shot as a failed one and delete forever, but instead I saw it as something rather interesting and decided to share with you :)

In the whole downtown I saw only two cafes operating. Pizza di Roma on Abovian street (it was very crowded) and Pizza Diamond next to di Roma, near the Republic Square (was also almost full).

Here are some pics of the Republic Square giant tree and the one at the Place de France in front of the Opera House.

Click the photos to view bigger.
The Republic Square

The most beautiful tree (IMHO) in Yerevan. Place de France

Abovian street

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nice photos! Happy New Year!