Monday, April 26, 2010

April 25th in Armenian Genocide Memorial, my photo report

This year I didn't manage to go to Tsitsernakaberd on April 24, as I did last year, but went there today - on 25th, hoping to find the Memorial less crowded. There were still numerous flower merchants on at the "footsteps", but also lots of popcorn, sunflower seed, cotton candy merchants. It is common for children's parks and imho, not so appropriate for targeting the crowd heading to the Genocide Memorial.

It was surprisingly very crowded, many people with kids of all ages, even newborns. No wonder. After yesterday's rainy and cold weather, today it was wonderfully sunny and the clouds were awesome. And it was Sunday too.

On the way I saw conveniently placed trash-bins by FPWC - Sunchild and the newly planted trees. Well done. I was wondering if the flowers at the eternal flame were still there. They actually were, and the pile was getting more dense and higher.
One thing kept frustrating me all the time. For some reason every other visitor wanted to have his picture taken in front of the flowers - smiling, posing. Not only retarded youngsters, but also many adults with kids etc... I wish to see fewer of them next year.
Another thing that was kinda weird - seeing wreaths from various delegations, companies, individuals shaped in corporate styles and colors. An attractive advertising space?

Watch my photo report in the web album and on the slideshow below.

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Unknown said...

Great photos, Arpine!