Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yerevan in soap bubbles! Dreamflash 2010

This Sunday, April 11th, Yerevan citizens and guests had an opportunity to take part in a public soap bubbles making party called "Dreamflash". And some hundreds actually did ;)
2 girls who had taken part in a Dreamflash in Moscow a year ago, decided to organize a similar event in Yerevan, on the Northern avenue. They created an event on Facebook and invited as many people as could, and there the chain reaction began :) (and based on what i overheard there, similar event page was created on vkontakte as well)
Despite more than 850 confirmed guests on FB, i didn't expect it to be so crowded!

It was a great meeting place for me and many of my friends and also people i knew just virtually :)
Everybody was making soap bubbles and nearly as many people were taking photos :) There were people dressed in costumes, or wearing funny sunglasses, some emo teens and many people with children :) it must have been an unforgettable day for the kids.

Here are some of my photos :) more are available in the facebook album.

in the end, some of me :)

1. by Gaspar

 2. by Gohar

3. by Yervand