Monday, April 19, 2010

living someone else's dream

I often daydream about living in New York city, for a little while. I imagine myself walking on the 5th avenue,  checking out fashion boutiques, enjoying the night view on the Brooklyn bridge, jogging in the Central Park on the morning. Many people, including people I know, live in my daydream.

Also, sometimes I'm starting to miss the life i'm currently living. I imagine that it's gone, like in a nightmare, then  i come back to reality and appreciate everything more and more. I love that I live in my home, with my family. I love that I'm born and I am still living in the heart of Yerevan and we have a beautiful balcony where my mother plants some beautiful flowers each spring.
I love that I can go out to walk in the streets by myself and walk home late, because it is safe. I love that I can always meet my friends randomly in cafes and on streets and there are so many memories connected with every corner of my big neighborhood.

I know that there are people who daydream to live in this beautiful city, have the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent view from the Cascade, meet friends randomly on streets and discover more evidences that this city is so small. Many people dream about living at home and in their historical homeland.

I wish everyone could live where they belong.


Mira said...

You know, I always wanted to live in Europe (esp. Germany, maybe in Frankfurt), but as grow old, I realise that if I leave my country as many-many other Armenians, nothing will change to the best. Everything in Armenia will remain the same, everyone will still be complaining of the situation...
So I would like to travel acros the world, but now I hesitate whether I would like to live outside my country!

Unknown said...

Same with me, Mira jan :) I will travel as much as I can, but will bring all my knowledge and skills for developing my country.

AC.- said...

Hi! I'm Agustina.
Don't know really how i've finished here but i like your blog.
I'm from Argentina, in south america, and i really like your culture. Some friends of mine are armenians and i love their spirit.
I've also always wanted to live in another country however, now more than ever, i realized i want to grow up here, with my friends and family.

Wish you the best from the other side of the world, literally!

Unknown said...

Hi Agustina!

I'm happy you came to my blog.

I have realized that I wouldn't live anywhere else but in my country, however I know i have to work hard to have opportunities to travel as much as I want. And i'm working on it!

Wish you have many of those opportunities too!


Anonymous said...

I lived in Italy for a semester while I was in college because I had dreams of living in Europe, but all I longed for while I was there was to be around harazad Armenians. I sometimes fantasize about living in New York too as you described, but I've visited NYC various times and realized it's not a place to live, it's a place to visit. It's loud, dirty and crowded. I thought you would like to know that a diasporan I follow you on Foursquare and admire the life you live in Yerevan and sometimes wish I could be living there too...where I belong. Great blog post!