Sunday, December 14, 2008

So what are you doing now? about micro-blogging, twittering, status messages etc...

This question should be answered differently depending on who's asking or what is the time frame of the question.

--If it asked my friend who I'm chatting with quite often, who's aware of my daily life, i'd answer:
  • reading a project management literature related to the recent changes in my company.
--If it was asked by a cousin whom i meet on family occasions - birthdays etc, i'd say:
  • I'm on the same job - managing website projects.
--If it was asked by my course-mates whom I last saw 2 years ago on graduation, i'd tell them:
  • I'm working.. mid-management position, right by profession. Not married yet :)
--If it was asked by school-mate, whom i encounter once in several years, i'd answer:
  • Graduated with Master's, working! Not married yet :) /don't get surprised, 90% of this kind of people asking about myself actually want to know if I'm married and have kids already/
--If it was asked by smb whom I met for the first time in my life, i'd probably reply:
  • None of your business! :D ,- but seriously, i always get stuck by this question trying to guess what activities does the 'interviewer' expect to hear me telling about...
so what is twitter?

some twitter fun :)