Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lilacs and spring mood :)

It's a sunny day here today and I'm a bit into memories :)
Last year, after my homecoming on April 1, I was in something like euphoria. For more than 10 weeks spent in Netherlands, I hadn't properly seen a sun and missed my life, my friends and everything in Yerevan very much. For some weeks after my return to Yerevan I was living like with pink glasses, nothing could bring me down. I was enjoying every second of my life :)

Here's some photos done on the first days of April.
These two photos are with my BFF Tata in a park where we found a fantastic blooming lilac tree. I love lilacs, especially purple ones, but wikipedia says they symbolize death while white lilacs symbolize first love.


And these photos are made in my room's balcony:

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