Monday, March 23, 2009

March 21. to remember

What a day!!!

March 21 - It was a memorable day. I did something that will remind me of this day all of my entire life. I made an artificial scar - a tattoo in the form of a shooting star :) Don't ask me why permanent, why on that particular place, why star... i just don't know it. I've been guided by some unknown force. Today, i've been looking  it and feeling that it was something that had to be there sooner or later. Something was giving me a hint, guiding through all those diverse reactions and inner pros and cons discussions. I had that exact image in my mind !!!!!! it should be right there and right that picture!

Spring officially starts today in all calendars. It was a sunny, warm and nice-in-all-means day. I managed to meet all of my closest friends, my most recent bziks (random, on the street!) and saw a potential bzik in one guy i knew for already years now.

Besides, i started the day out of home. Having lots of fun at Yves Larock's party!

thank you, spring.


Ani said...

that tatoo looks amazing. I hope it did not hurt. I am going to get one too shortly on my ankle it is going to be a letter in Armenian in terchnagir

Unknown said...

thanks Ani :) I wish you good luck with your tattoo. Note that it's one of the most painful places (closer to the bone), but the pain is not that awful. We, girls, are used to pain for beauty ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I came across your blog on google, after searching Armenian wedding traditions. I enjoy your writing! My grandmother was Armenian, but I grew up in America.

Very pretty tattoo! :)