Thursday, January 7, 2010

2009 wrap-up: my year in photos

2009 was a year of changes. If i had to put a label on the year, it would be exactly like that - "Year of Changes" (I know it sounds pretty Obama-ish, can't help with that!)

  • On March 21, 2009 I got inked for the first time and, I guess, the shooting star on my foot will make me remember this year for quite a while :)
  • 2009 will be most remembered to me with the job that I started to do. I was welcomed in PanARMENIAN Media and since I feel there are some more years to come for me in that company, 2009 will definitely be remembered as the first one of many. And don't stare at me when I say I won't change it to anything else (especially now). 
  • This was the year when I became more clear about what I will be doing in the future. I tried a new profession and liked it. It was challenging and I have been trusted something pretty significant and serious. I discovered more of my potential and became more self-aware. 
  • I started to consider myself as a citizen journalist/blogger and decided to put emphasis on my blogging habits and writing in general.
  • For the first time I went to another country for a vacation. I traveled on an Armenian train (I used to love trains before that :D). So it was my first visit to Georgia and Batumi. 
  • I got even more obsessed with shopping and various pretty stuff in 2009. At first, I just needed to refresh my wardrobe, then it was the change of style, later it become an obsession with cute stuff. 
  • In 2009 I started seriously with yoga. I loved the 'science' of it and made some resolutions connected with it for 2010. I finally realized the importance of taking care of my body and health.
  • I lost some kilos, and changed my hair... well, I'm now kinda not-so-recognizable to old school-mates.
  • 2009 wasn't without losses either. It was probably the most painful year of mine in terms of losing people. Some people just left the country for a while, but some just left my life probably forever. 
  • However in 2009 I met someone who was meant to become my teacher and role model. Someone who just happened to be making me a better, both professionally and personally. Can't be enough thankful to 2009 for that. 
  • 2009 was a year when I fell in love, then out of love, then fell into depression and then, after some vitamin B injections and multivitamin pills, reinvented myself and came to the finish of the year holding my head up high and greeted 2010 with open arms. 
Here's my 2009 in photos:

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THAT WAS GREAT !!! and weddingfull :)