Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Exhibition of graphic design works of my friends in NPAK

Two of my very talented friends have an exhibition of their works going on in NPAK/ACCEA (Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art)
Lia and Tata
On Friday, July 9, the opening took place. It was attended mostly by some friends since the artists didn't advertise it much, but that's a pity!
Both of my friends were attending Graphic Design classes taught by Ali Ansari (a very talented artist! you'll see his works there too). The exhibition is a report of what they have done and learnt during the course (there are also some sketches and stuff they did during classes). There are also Ali's great cartoon works displayed. I loved them a lot.

Here's a couple words about Lia and Tata.

Tata Mkrtchyan
My classmate and a close friend for more than 10 years now! She's an artist and graphic designer by profession and has a very deep personality. She loves the color purple, cute rabbits and fashion.
On the pic she's wearing BW clothes to suit with her works (now you will be able to easily tell which works are whose there :D). Tata likes to hear what people think of her works, so your feedback to her will be appreciated!

Lia Mkhitaryan
One of my brightest friends ever. We know each other from AIESEC, working in the same team since 2006. Lia is a linguist and works in communications field, however she's a very creative and artistic person by her nature and inheritance. She likes film making and also cute earrings. Be sure to send her cheers and feedback on her works :)

Here's the event on FB. It's open till July 23, so hurry up! Young artists need some encouragement and feedback.

Some preview of what you will see there (will also help you avoiding going to a different hall with another exhibition :D)
my talented friends and me :)
Info on the event and photos on

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Lia said...

Jaaaan, thank you for a nice post, as always :))) We appreciate it sooo much :))) Thank for coming and giving your feedback :))))
Seems like Tata and me starting to get prepared for another exhibition already so those who wouldn't manage to come to this one, will still have the opportunity to see us next time :))))