Monday, July 19, 2010

Vardavar '10 photo exhibition at Lovers' Park

I'm now here to tell you about a very interesting photo exhibition that was launched today at the Lovers Park.

Ara Aslanyan, a talented photographer/designer/illustrator started a photo project called "Vardavar" in 2009, where he photographed his friends during the process of pouring a bucket of water on them :)
note: Vardavar is an interesting Armenian tradition.
Aro himself during Vardavar 2009 project
This year he developed the idea and together with another very talented photographer - Arnos Martirosyan, invited various celebrities to take part in the project. More than 20 show business stars agreed to be poured a bucket of water and be photographed.
the photography process (from
The results are astonishing. Drops of water solidified and looking like they have been forced to freeze in time and the process of human faces becoming wet were captured at a shutter speed 1/1000s of seconds. Charismatic face expressions and amazingly captured moments make the photos unique and definitely worth seeing (regardless of the fact you like those celebrities or not).
Images are printed in huge 2x2 meter size and arranged at the trees all over the park. Today, at the opening, many of the celebrities were there to check out and pose with their images.
Organization of a project and event like this is a tough job indeed and there have been numerous challenges (putting it mildly) along the way, but I'm happy for Aro and Arnos that they finally did it and it was really great!
Arnos, Aro and Kristine Pepelyan :) /sorry for my camera :D/
The photos will stay there for only about a week, so hurry up to watch!

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