Friday, July 16, 2010

the minimalist bug in me

I think i've caught a minimalist bug. Meaning, i have sort of an allergy to things /especially clothes/ that have a rich texture, lots of details and colors. I suddenly discovered that almost all of my clothes are single-colored, simple and do not have many details.

It became most obvious when I was shopping for summer dresses. In a wide collection of colorful and floral fabrics I had a hard time finding dresses i would like to wear. I was trying them on, and the most beautiful dresses just didn't fit on me as I saw it and I felt uncomfortable in them.

After discovering this, I forced myself to buy a scarf which was white with pink/violet circles as a pattern. It didn't come easily, I really made an effort. Sounds funny, huh?

I guess I'm having similar "disorders" from time to time. For instance, this winter I couldn't wear colors at all. My entire winter shopping consisted of black/beige/grey clothes. I couldn't make myself wear any color except for those and it was constantly being criticized by my mom, who hates wearing black.

Do you think it's some kind of a phobia? or is it a "normal" disorder? :)

p.s. while browsing for wallpapers, themes for various stuff, I always choose the "minimalist" category :D so it goes beyond the clothing.

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Mira said...

It's normal. I quite understand you because I like one-colored shirts as well. The most colorful blouse of mine is, for example, white with light green stripes or sky blue striped. I like that style and I really hate all the clothes that are richly decorated with glossy atributes (especially pink and golden, phhhhhh)!!