Thursday, October 23, 2008

... and they never told me

via Design Crush

"And you never knew how much I really liked you, because I never even told you. Oh and I meant to."

Do you have people whom you could refer to, by this phrase?

I do have, and a lot. And I always wonder why is it so difficult to tell some people that I like them. How can I avoid a misunderstanding? Though I rarely tell people that I like them, I always make them feel that. But there were times that i meant to tell somebody that i like him/her, but didn't have the chance... or I was shy...
But as for the people whom I like and who demonstrate a cruel indifference towards me (apart of not telling that they like me, they actually don't show it!)... I always have the hope that they do like me in reality, just that they don't want me to know :) is it possible ??

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