Friday, October 24, 2008

Sony Bravia ad (making of)

Yesterday, my friend Jared sent me a very nice song "Heartbeats" by José González that I loved from the first sounds. Then i started to dig information about it finding out about the "Sony Bravia" commercial where it was featured.

Maybe you remember this ad:

And i found something more interesting ! The "making of" - behind the scenes video. Since I like advertising and filmmaking, i enjoyed it much!

It turned out that they have used 250,000 colorful balls for this ad !!! and the city where the balls are bouncing is San Francisco :)

I also found out that the "Heartbeats" is not Jose Gonzalez' song, it actually belongs to "The Knife", but I wouldn't compare it to the Gonzalez' performance, because it's just amazing and totally different!

And i found the cover of Massive Attack's "Teardrop" by Gonzalez. It's pretty cool!

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