Sunday, October 12, 2008

Memories from Italy

Out of all cities i have visited in Italy... i have no photos only from Rome - my absolute favorite daydream.
But i have something maybe more important and emotional, when i see these papers, i start to cry.

It was the August of 2006, I was in Italy with Masha for a voluntary camp. During that 20 day trip i visited Venice and its surroundings, Padova, Vicenza, Verona, Treviso, Trieste and Rome. I had 4 extra days after the camp, 2 of them i spent in Venice, wandering alone in narrow streets and trying not to get sick from overexcitement. The next 2 days i spent in Rome... I was hosted first by Riccardo (our camp leader's friend) whom i now miss so much... and who made me see the Colosseo by night and then by Rocco - my friend from HospitalityClub.
These notes were left by Riccardo. When i woke up in the morning and noticed that i'm alone, i found these notes in the kitchen. the 2nd one was in the Moka (espresso making pot) and you can still see marks of the coffee - the tasties espresso in my life... heh :)
Padova was remarked by my friends, Prato della Valle park...
Verona - by Juliet's statue and house,
Treviso - an open-air concert at the square and Benetton store.
Trieste - Illy cafe, Rivoltella gallery, Andy Warhol exhibition that we didn't visit at the end..., the coast...
Venice & Rome... unspeakable :) maybe later i will be able to describe my feelings.. now it's kind of painful :(
One photo from each city - Mestre, Padova, San Lazzaro island of Venice, Trieste, Venice, Vicenza, Verona. August 2006.

My 2nd trip to Italy was to Milano and Genova (i had only 4 days).
Genova & Milano, feb. 2008

I ♥ ITALY and I miss myself in Italy.

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