Monday, December 8, 2008

back home... tired notes

I'm back to Armenia and back to work. There have been some significant changes taken place at my workplace recently. So i had to be here as soon as possible.
My plane landed 3.30am and i got home at 6 (though the distance from the airport to my house is only 15min). There were 5-6 planes landing at the same time so the queue for passport control was terribly long and unpleasant (you should see the kind of people that is arriving from the flights from Russia) and it took a while that my luggage finally came out.

I'm extremely exhausted.. haven't slept for more than 4 hours daily this week. I've walked a lot, felt a lot... such a wide range of condensed emotions i had experienced these 5-6 days..
there were moments of true joy and a real frustration.

i absolutely love this short but very packed trips that make me more experienced, wiser, trained and hardy. I really do love facing the challenges, feeling of insecurity, danger.. feeling the changes that are happening to myself, my worldview, my attitude.. meeting great people, getting to know cultures... taking photos of places that will reside in the memory forever.
...and i love thinking about my friends there.. and buying presents :)

and i have so much to tell to you, my beloved readers :)

so many things to share....

some photos first :)


Виктор Агабабов said...

Прекрасная фота с бусами :-)

thiternik said...

Arpii.. I'm waiting for your stories. I've missed you so much!

I couldn't find my country flag in your list..hmm:(