Wednesday, April 1, 2009

About girls sitting alone at a cafe - cri de coeur

an open letter

My dear Yerevan men. I'm writing this open letter to you with a request.

I'm a girl that often needs some time for herself to analyze the information, write down plans, organize actions, to-do lists and just thoughts. To me, the most convenient places for that are small cafes where i take a coffee and park benches, where i can be alone with myself and reflect a bit.

My request is - when you see a girl sitting by herself, writing, reading a book or just thinking, please please don't approach her asking if everything's okay or if they want to get acquainted. That's silly and meaningless! And afterall it distructs!

Thank you for understanding. 

P.S. Good luck with picking up the girls who actually want to be picked up:)

There are limited number of cafes where i feel myself comfortable sitting alone and writing my personal stuff. That's Yum-Yum, SQ1 and Segafredo. In all other places even the waiters are gazing with a strange look as if i'm there to pick up somebody or to show off something.

I do really need that time away from home/workplace computers where I'm endlessly procrastinating and a half-hour reflection with writing down thoughts, actions and to-dos increases my productivity for several times.

Do you think it's reasonable what I'm asking or am i being naive or, on the contrary, trying to show off something with this? Is it SOO weird that someone feels okay sitting alone?

Ok, true. I don't really think that my audience consists of those people who actually pick up girls such way, so this letter should be considered as a "cri de coeur" (cry from a heart).

By the way, i always enjoy watching self-sufficient women sitting alone and enjoying their coffee and if I am looking at them, that's with admiration.

I used to collect photos where girls are sitting alone at a cafe with a coffee or tea :)


Ralph Hälbig said...

okay ;-))

~~*elbisivni*~~ said...

i love doin tht and find it weird wen ppl think I am weird sitting alone! fr heaven's sake, what is rong in tht??!

totally feel fr u n with u!

Irina D. said...

i used to go to yum-yum and sit there with my notebook. and i really liked that people there would never bother one another and wouldn't star or give straneg looks. it was the only cafe i'd go alone to.

Anna Mirror said...

... I think it is changing already.. haven't experienced something like that in cafes by myself, tho, telling the truth, dun like sitting alone in a cafe, I prefer walking