Monday, November 10, 2008

a Monday in November

8 cups of different teas, 2 cups of coffees, some warm water to drink. This is my today's liquid consumption statistics :D 2 days ago I got flu and today was my first day with a free nose but with hard coughing.

My day was successful also because of Sinead's voice today - loud and in a good quality, at my favorite and the most coziest department of our office with the most creative people - our Designers! ...  I just love watching the creative flow there - it's when they draw, brainstorm, joke and fool around :)

If you will be reading this, I must confess my workdays would be too boring without you, guys. I enjoy your company very much :)

So here are they:

(cookies by me :)


thiternik said...

it was nice to seem me here:) I wish it was the time when we were working with Aro..instead of shrek :((

Unknown said...

yeah, i wish it too ...

and i imagine how sad it will be after you leave us in 2 weeks :(