Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Zucchero concert on November 12

Got the tickets !!! we're going to have fun :) 5 girls - mostly italo-holic :)

Researching his website trying to find a possible song-list for the "All the best" tour, i found the following: (i supposed we're in the Eastern Europe region)
01. Wonderful Life
02. I Won’t Let You Down
03. Senza Una Donna (Without A Woman)
04. Baila (Sexy Thing)
05. Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime
06. Nel Così Blu
07. Il Volo
08. Bacco Perbacco
09. Occhi
10. Così Celeste
11. Blue
12. Diavolo In Me
13. Dune Mosse
14. Diamante
15. Va, Pensiero
16. Amen
17. Miserere
*Gone to learn all lyrics by heart by the concert day! :D

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