Friday, November 28, 2008

About dreams, reminders, in short - dreaminder!

Dreaminder is a free tool that helps people remember what we want from our lives. Reflect on your life, your dreams, your vision for yourself and write it into the box on the website. Then set the date when you want to be reminded.
Here's how Dreaminder helps you remember your dream:
1. Write down what you want out of your life
2. Send it to yourself in the future
3. Start working towards your dream

On the day in the future when you receive your dream, you can see how far you've come. You can congratulate yourself, or revive your dream and continue on the path that is right for you.

I did so exactly one year ago, and today in the morning I received what I wrote then. It was a strange feeling :)

I've written some goals I'd like to reach in a year and now I'll copy them here almost the way i received... just a bit translated from my language.
  • I have traveled a lot, I have lived sometime abroad!
  • I developed many soft skills.. I'm much more fluent and confident in Italian and English...
  • I have a high self-esteem !
  • I have many opportunities....
  • I am needed.
  • I have a person whom i trust my life..
  • I have a clear picture of my future...
I found out that i've completed most of the goals by the first quarter of the year...
So in general I've completed about 89% (raw calculation :D) of my goals ;) which is COOL!

This time, together with my friend Tata, we decided to write down our goals and dreams for 1 year and read them together meeting in our favorite cafe :)

See you on this page in a year ;)))

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