Tuesday, September 16, 2008

about Web 2.0 and internet promotion

For the last few weeks i was working on a document for my job concerning the internet promotion methods. It was meant to be a proposal for our partner company. It took me this long because i was doing a detailed research of the topic. I couldn't concentrate on this at work (yes, at work i cannot do any writing!) and was writing it in the evenings, on a laptop, in bed :) The copy-paste method didn't work for me :( I am very much detail-oriented and was choosing every word and thinking of each section of it.

Today i 'released' the official beta version of the proposal :D the process of working on it reminded me about old university times... our course works, thesis etc.. the only thing is that i didn't have a professor :D though i did have a mentor ;)

I did some impressive research on new trends of Web 2.0, new methods of promotion, and what a company can really get out of internet.

The points of the proposal weren't any new, i didn't invent them and i'm not the first on to write about it, but in Armenian reality this field is quite unexplored ... i hardly can think of an Armenian company that is doing a smart marketing on the net.

The biggest problem for me was the language. I had to write it in Russian since my company's official communication is mostly in Russian :( Despite the fact that i totally dislike this language and try to avoid it as much as i can, i forced myself to do it :)

Today i presented it to my management and got some really good feedbacks ;)))) (okay they were shocked.. in a good way :D)
Interesting thing is that this was my own idea to write a detailed proposal for that company, since they themselves didn't know what they wanted... Proactiveness is always rewarding !

I discovered for myself that i'm really not bad in this - both writing proposals and mainly in these 'new media', SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMO (Social Media Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing) topics, though yet theoretically. :D

If you are interested, i will post some interesting information that i found.

Talking about the differences of Web 1.0 and Web 2.0, here are some nice graphical illustrations:

Here's a nice PPT i stumbled upon while browsing information.

Russian version:

English (original) version:
As it said - "In 2008, if you're not on a social networking website, you're not on the Internet!"

....this is why you can find me on about every popular and not-so networks :P

hobby can become a job ;) and it's not bad at all!

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