Tuesday, September 30, 2008

wedding on a boat :)

Recently, one of my good friends got married... my former colleague and a great photographer Abo! it was a very unusual wedding.. on a boat!!!... in Sevan lake... the ceremony was hosted by the Cilicia boat crew, there were about 20 people on the boat...

The interesting thing is that during the ceremony (when the groom was about to kiss the bride...) the boat turned over, but luckily no one got hurt... just some cameras and cellphones sank and got damaged...

I'm very happy for Abo and Nana and i wish them a very adventurous life together !!

You can enjoy some of Abo's photographs on his 35mm.am page.

Note: on the photo - the "tarosik".
By Armenian tradition, the married couple gives to all their single friends small "gifts" after the wedding. "Taros" means wishing the same, precisely - a marriage.

For their wedding, the couple has made themselves the "tarosiks" of clay. Both of them are very talented :)))

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aquamarine said...

Wow, is this their "tarosik"?