Friday, September 5, 2008

Armenia - Turkey

The whole city is like counting minutes before the Armenia - Turkey match tomorrow. For several days it was noticeable. There were "guards of the Turkish flag" - policemen standing in front of the match's poster near the opera, not to let vandals defile it. Otherwise they would have to replace the poster with a new one several times a day. People are passing by wearing the red "hummel" jersey of Armenian team, everybody's asking where are you going to watch the match. Today when i was coming home in the late evening, i noticed that the traces of demonstrations were erased from the upper part of the Northern Avenue. There were no posters, no people.
There were lots of Turkish people on the square, in Vernissage. I couldn't not to recognize the Turkish speech. Right one year ago i was there in Istanbul.

As my friends forbade me to go to the stadium (since my vocabulary could suddenly be increased with not-so-favorable words), i decided to watch it in a "girls-only" company :) we reserved a table in Square One and will be watching it there.

I like to be in the center of the major events. I will be following the reactions on the streets tomorrow during and after the match right in the center. Hopefully they will be joyful and peaceful  =)
I've heard of a lot of people being scared going to the stadium and people anticipating negative things. I think it's all bullshit.

An interesting thing happened to me today. I was sitting in one of the cafes of the opera surrounding with my friends when the first president of the Republic of Armenia came and sat at the table text to us. Of course there were guards following him, occupying the rest of free tables nearby and also standing near him. Then other people came and joined him, unfortunately i didn't recognize anybody since i'm bad at remembering our local political figures' faces. People were staring.. some of my friends were even scared :-) To me it was just interesting sitting so close to such a historical person. I won't go further with my political views, neither i would express my opinion about him, just that i couldn't not to notice all his charisma and authority by the way he was sitting, smoking and talking.
We also made the guards nervous when decided to take photos of ourselves (different views ;) :D

p.s. i was wearing a jacket tonight... autumn is here...

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