Thursday, September 25, 2008

Friends are like stars...

Today i was reminded about the existence of a person who used to mean a lot to me. For some reason he pulled himself out of my life and let me.. go.

There are some people who have affected my life. It's because of them that i am the way i am now. They were helping me to improve myself, teaching, supporting.

Sometimes i miss them very much and feel bad because i don't contact them often, communicate or remind about myself, ... Sometimes i am getting offended myself, because they don't remember about me, .. As i am thinking.

Today i realized that there are people whom you can talk once a year and get that energy and emotions that will be enough for a while... Emotionally connected. I don’t always think about you, but I know you are there…
Let's remind that people what they really mean :) despite their distance - physical or psychological...

“Дружба - это не значит каждый день друг другу звонить, здороваться и занимать рубли… Это просто желание узнавать друг о друге, что-то слышать и довольствоваться хотя бы тем, что вот мой друг здоров и пускай еще здравствует”.
В. Высоцкий via

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