Friday, September 12, 2008

Marketing classes, my evaluation

I always had this fear of not being satisfied with a trainings since I had participated in quite many of them and organized some by myself as well. I had participated also in trainings for trainers so i know how they should be organized. I'm quite skeptical and I'm not getting too excited on every training i get to participate in. I need to be surprised in a good way :)

Concerning these Marketing classes, i want to evaluate them by some key points:
  • PowerPoint presentation - 2
I give it 2 out of 5 since it's not so attractive, with a standard template, contains some spelling mistakes. Slides contain a lot of texts, not so many graphical illustrations, diagrams and tables are very basic and the formatting is not really bad. It is in entirely Armenian but today we had some topics in English presentation since the trainer didn't yet manage to translate them ( :-?). I had a logical question in my mind whether it was his first marketing training... obviously not!
  • Trainer's competency, trust building - 4
The first impression from the trainer was somewhat positive, he was speaking confidently, presented himself well, had a good professional experience etc. I was quite disappointed hearing his ring tone ringing during the class with the song "baby if you give it to me.. " :D
  • Organization of the lesson - 3
I don't really like the organization of the lessons. We get some printed handouts and the plan of the lesson, but the agenda is not presented in the beginning so we don't really know what "titles" we will learn today. The wrap-up is also missing in the end. Would be good to have some key slides or definitions repeated again. The time management also needs some improvement since we didn't manage to finish the 1st lesson's stuff and had to appoint an additional meeting.
  • Presentation of the material - 4
The presentation of the material is okay. Despite the fact that the agenda is very packed (remember the title of the classes?) and we get a lot of information - it's presented very fluently and lively. It's 4 because of the packed agenda. I liked the fact that the trainer somewhat edited and customized the material for the higher effectiveness based on our, participants, profile.
  • Interactiveness - 4
The lessons are very interactive and involving. Trainer asks a lot of questions, gives many real life examples, parallels with our jobs, and the special emphasis is given to the situation in Armenia. I give it 4 not 5 because the trainer often asks the same people and other people just don't get heard (me for example).
  • Logistics - 4
Logistics are sufficiently organized. When we get to the classroom, there are cups and cool water bottles already set up and the printed handouts as well. The projector is also set up :) Just that the handouts contain the same slides only printed in a smaller pages, some slides are not readable. It was the 2nd lesson today and after finishing the 1st presentation, we didn't get the handouts for the 2nd. The trainer promised them next time but for me it was not good since i was planning to review them later in the evening. I didn't get the presentations' electronic version as well - the trainer told me that he hasn't finished them yet. He promised that we will get them in the end of the course on a CD.

So what did i learn today there?

It was mostly about the customer behavior, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, communication methods, verbal, non-verbal communication. There was almost nothing new for me :D hehehhh

I will share with you 2 things - Maslow pyramid and about the communication techniques.

Do you know the factors of effective communication?
What do you think the percentage of importance of these things are? Write down your answers :)
  • Subject matter (what you are talking about)
  • Intonation (how you are talking about it, your voice)
  • Body language (your gestures, movements, eyes)
This is kind of a task that a trainers often ask students when talking about communication.
I had it twice :)))
He asked our opinion on percentage of these things. Very rare people gave answers close to the correct one.

The correct answer goes below:
  • Subject matter - 7%
  • Intonation - 38%
  • Body language - 55%

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