Saturday, September 27, 2008

Curriculum Vitae

Yesterday i was updating my CV. While i was into the formatting, fixing all the styles and spaces and dots, i was remembering some things that i would like to be mentioned in the CV. This document i was working on - was the General one. For specific cases i'm editing it, cutting all the irrelevant information.
The full version consists of 4 pages of small text :D well, i did manage to do a lot of things by my 23...

There's the list of all the photo exhibitions where my works were presented, my film's 'adventures' , my volunteering and organization experience, trainings, conferences, all the activities... These all are part of me and my learning path. I only didn't mention my articles and publications during the school time - journalism classes in Manana.

I used to attend photography, journalism and film making classes, had an opportunity to publish, present my works, went to international film events, got nominated in a film festival...
I used to be in all Armenian youth and children events as an organizer/volunteer.
Thanks to these years i got to know many people, got a lot of skills and learnings.
I did much more "extracurricular" activities than my actual profession. IT is just a small part of my life.
That's why i cannot imagine working in an IT company and in IT sphere though it's my profession and i have the most "documented" skills there...

For most of the cases where i have to present my CV, all my extra and other activities are useless and can have a negative effect... But believe me, deleting these rows is like erasing months and years of my life... It's no good :(

I know from my own experience of selecting and short listing CVs - how it should be to attract the employer or whatever...

But is it THAT bad having multiple (many) interests and being able to manage to do all the things, not sacrificing the main job? I've heard many different opinions from different people, but what do YOU think?

A collection of 20 creative resumes via Francesco Mugnai

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