Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It was raining yesterday...

I was at work, staying an hour longer so it was getting dark and started to rain. The smell of the rain caught me right from the office window, i was guessing, i won't get home dry. I remembered that we have an "emergency" umbrella in the office, which is quite ugly, but i preferred rather to take it and not get wet and spoil the whole "my first rain" mood.

I had my recent bought hindi scarf with me - in bright colors, it was right on place :) I didn't plug my earphones, since this time i had something special to listen on the way home.
The rain was a light one, so i decided to walk home and not take the subway.

It was cold but i had the scarf, and i had the umbrella! I like that first 'cold'.
I'm not one of those whose first thought of "To-Do" when raining is to sit by the window, holding a hot cup of tea, covered in a blanket, in comfort. I actually like to walk under the rain, to feel the chill of drops on my skin and smell the wet streets.

Slowly walking I got home almost dry, but noticed that I sacrificed my nice Spanish earring (the one brought by my sister from Barcelona, in a Gaudi style.. :( It could possibly be fell down when I was  putting on my scarf) for the pleasant evening. The one left will remind me of this day. Not that bad, though…

Once, some months ago I did kind of a "bookmark" in my mind… I had a small dream-like something in my favorite "To Do in Life" things,…

That was a time when I was feeling homesick, missing my normal life in Yerevan, missing the city. I put a "mark" to "remember this moment when I'm walking in Yerevan streets, under the rain, feeling comfortable and happy".

This little memory made me happier that moment.


Last year in September i remember writing the famous "Wake me up when September ends" phrase and meaning that I wish September was soon gone. This year it could only mean "remind me when it's time to think of how to celebrate my BD" :)

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