Friday, September 26, 2008

A link between your ages and thoughts...

Recently i was thinking about doing a tattoo. I hadn't this idea before, actually i was always sure I won't be ever doing anything for _forever_.
Well, a small drawing in a not_so_noticable place won't hurt, huh?

Practically, a permanent tattoo will follow you everywhere and always. It will be with you in all your times of joy and sorrow, when being with your loved one, when talking to parents, during your wedding, when you will be holding your new-born child, when you will maybe become a public person, a successful _whatever_, when getting mid-age, getting old... imagine sitting next to an old husband/wife, having something on your body that will remind you your youth....

A tattoo can be a link between ages, moments, thoughts.. You can 'pin' some thought while watching it, then remember that thought when watching the tattoo over and over again... It's an artificial scar.
Would you do a tattoo knowing that it will accompany you during your all entire life? And if you would, what kind of drawing would it be, so you won't regret ?

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